An Analysis of English Nominal Group as Grammatical Metaphor in Student Textbooks

ELT Prima ISSN: 2338-7548, Volume 02 No. 02

Sabtu, 09 Januari 2021 10:54 | Sudah dibaca 256 kali

Grammatical metaphor is a crucial concept in systemic functional linguistics, and it can be investigated from experiential, interpersonal, and textual perspectives. The literature to date indicates that grammatical metaphor is mostly studied in terms of the clauses. The English nominal group is a significant grammatical unit in the English language. It has tremendously complex internal structure and various syntactic and discourse functions. This paper aims to study how the English nominal group is related to grammatical metaphor. The findings show that the English nominal group as grammatical metaphor can be investigated from the experiential perspective.

Kata Kunci: The English Nominal Group, Grammatical Metaphor, Systemic Functional Linguistics