Jurnal Akuntansi Prima, Volume VIII, Nomor I, Januari 2018

Rabu, 31 Januari 2018 16:58 | Sudah dibaca 790 kali

Savings is one of the key to improve the economic growth good in the long run and short run.One of the problem the country was growing as Indonesia is a lack of capital to investment. This study purpose to showed and analysis of the determinant impact the Savings in Indonesia that nominal interest rate, gross domestic product riil and inflation rate. The results of this study showed in long run that the variable interest rate and gross domestic product had positive affection significantly. While the variable inflation rate in long run had negative affection significantly. In short run the variable interest rate had negative affection significantly. But, the variable gross domestic product and inflation had negative affection and insignificant. This result from determination coefficient (( ) the showed that variables explained in long rund and short run is 94,24 percent and 78,40 percent variation of change variables of determinant Savings in Indonesia the explained by variables interest rate, gross domestic product and inflation rate. While the rest is 5,76 percent and 21,6 percent was explained by variables out of models (which was not studied).

Kata Kunci: Savings in Indonesia, Gross Domestic Product Riil, Nominal Interest Rate and Inflation Rate, ARDL Co-Integration and ECM