Lecturer’s Code-Switching in English Department Students’ Classroom

ELT JOURNAL Vol.2. No. 2 ISSN 2338-7548

Rabu, 20 Februari 2019 14:52 | Sudah dibaca 371 kali

Language is human phenomena, because language is basic thing to communicate one to other. Language also builds one culture in a specific areas, it means that one area has their own language to interact each other as one society. For instance, every area in Indonesia has its own language. Such as Jakarta uses Betawi language, Surabaya uses Java language, Bandung uses Sunda language and Medan also uses Batak Language. Not only in the large society, there are any specific society that rises up in our environment, that is classroom. Classroom is one of small society that actually need special language to communicate each other, such as communication between lecturer/ teacher - student and Student - students. In this case, the researcher take specific place, that is lecturing classroom between lecturer - student. Another case is this class is English department student. English department is actually each lecturer comes into the class room with English as the primary language, but actually if the lecturer speaks English permanently, students gets confuse about the lecture itself. That is way, the lecturer switch English into Bahasa Indonesia. But, the researcher still curious about the reason is that correct or wrong reason to switch the language. That is way, this research going to explore more about that.

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