Communication Style by the 2010 Male and Female Students of the English Department

Prosiding Seminar Pendidikan FKIP Universitas Prima Indonesia 2016, ISBN. 978-602-74556-0-3

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This study present a research conducted on communication styles between male and female students of English department. The main objectives are to analyzed male and female students’ communications style, to describe linguistics realization of communication style and to reason for the use of styles. The study was conducted by using qualitative descriptive research. The sources of data were taken from students’ questionares who gave to 46 students as the sample. The findings indicated that male and female students differ in the use of communication styles. Male used assertive style and female ones used passive style dominantly. Then, male students always state their opinions and feelings without manipulation of words and express their sentences naturally. Differently, female students always speak softly to express their feeling, needs or opinion. They select their words to avoid some conflict in their communication. Therefore, male and female students have different communication styles and linguistics realization because they want to keep their high self-esteem, protect their face, try to achieve high social status and to show modeling correct behavior.

Kata Kunci: communication styles, type of communication style, male and female students