The Influence of Social Distance on Batak Toba Linguistic Politeness

Proceeding International Conference on Culture and Local Wisdom (ICCLW), ISSN: 979-458-920-9

Jum'at, 31 Mei 2019 12:30 | Sudah dibaca 490 kali

This study discusses the influence of social distance in linguistic politeness of Batak Toba language. The data were collected from a Batak Toba wedding ceremony video. The data analyzed here were some interlocutors’ utterances (Raja Parhata) which contained some linguistic politeness. The communication between interlocutors in Batak Toba tribe closely related to the social distance. Bride and Bridegroom families have their own positions which influenced the way they communicate each other. The result of this research showed that in Batak Toba wedding ceremony, each utterance uttered by Raja Parhata reflected linguistic politeness which influenced by social distance.

Kata Kunci: politeness, social distance, interlocutors, utterances