English Language Teaching Journal, Vol.1, No. 1, Juni 2017, ISSN. 2338-7548

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This study is aimed at describing the use of Movie Poster to improve students’s achivement in writing descriptive text. The method of the study was classroom action research with two cycles and 14 meetings. The subject of this study was Grade X-MIA-1 students of SMA Dharma Pancasila Medan. The results shows the improvement of students’s score from the first test to the third test. In the first test only 8.57% of students’s who got the score 70 which is the minimum completeness criteria. In the second test there were 45.71% of the students who achieved the minimum score. In the third test, the percentage of the students who achieved the minimum score increased to 94.28%. it is concluded that the use of movie posters improves students’ achievement in writing descriptive text. Most of the students paid full attention and their understanding become well, it influenced their score in writing descriptive text by using movie posters. The qualitative data taken from diary notes, observation sheets, and questionnaires showed that the students were enthusiatic in writing descriptive texts as the movie posters encourage their creativity and ideas to write better. It is suggested to use movie posters as one of the alternative media in writing descriptive text.

Kata Kunci: writing, movie posters, descriptive text