The Practice of Bilingual Instruction of Math and Natural Science at International Standard Schools in Indonesia

International Confrence on Education and Social Sciences (ICEASS-780)

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The paper aims at describing the practice of Mathematics and Natural Science instruction at some International standard schools in Medan. The study proposes four research questions: (1) How is the description of Mathematics and Science Teaching in bilingual class, (2) What are pedagogical problems experienced by teatchers in process of teaching Mathematics and Natural science bilingually?, (3) What is the effective model of Mathematics and Natural science teaching bilingually based on pedagogical findings, The population of the research are two schools implementing bilingual education for Mathematics and natural science subjects. And the samples of the research drawn using cluster sampling technique are 2 Chemistry Class, 2 Biology classes, 2 Physics classes, and 2 Mathematics classes. Data were derived from recording activities of teaching in class, and transcribe the recording, as well as interview with teachers and headmasters. The methods used in the study are qualitative and quantitativeThe result shows that 71% teachers use English, however more than a half (54%) sentences produced by the teachers are incorrect. From the correct sentences, teachers only use simple sentences which are counted by T-unit. From the field observation, it is found that the main problem of bilingual teaching of Mathematics and Natural sciences is the lack of English Language skills of both teachers and students. It is suggested that there should be a certain model used for teaching Mathematics and Natural Sciences at school so that it can run optimally.

Kata Kunci: Bilingual Instruction, Mathematics, Natural science, International Standard Schools I