Role Of Cooperation In The Improvement Of The Agricultural Economy

Proceeding: International Conference on Information Technology and Business, Bandar Lampung, August 20-21, 2015

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Indonesia is an agricultural country rich in natural resources and livelihood oft he Indonesian population of predominantly agricultural products. In the development of the agricultural economy caused by a problem in the field of agriculture as well as in the availability of venture capital that will be used by farmers in the provision of seeds and fertilizer as well as maintenance until production is required for the role of cooperatives in alleviating bebab of farmers.

According to the Act - Act No. 25 n 1992, said that "Cooperatives are business entities whose members - the person or legal entity which bases its cooperative activities based on the principle of cooperation as well as people's economic movement based on the principle of the family. With the role of cooperatives in the provision of soft loans in the availability of venture capital and cooperatives can play a role in the marketing of agricultural products. In addition to the effort, this study also describes the effect of the economy, toward cooperative farmers and also to the social and cultural life of society. And the role of cooperatives in increasing the incomes of farming communities and also its role in the sustainability of agriculture and social life.

Kata Kunci: Agricultural, Economy, Cooperation