The Impact of Population and Environment Pollution

Proceedings of The 1st Almuslim International Conference on Science, Technology and Society (AICSTS) 2015 November 7-8, 2015, Bireuen, Indonesia.

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Starting from the human existences on the earth and how human interact environment. Decline in environmental quality are increasingly disturbing because society has lead to take the lives of innocent human beings so that more children die. Some research on air pollution with all the risks have been published, including the risk of blood cancer. However, rarely realized who knows how many thousands of citizens who die each year from respiratory infections, asthma, and lung cancer as a result of the air pollution. It's estimated that in the next ten years an increasing number of patients with lung disease and respiratory tract. Not only acute respiratory infections which now ranks first in the disease pattern in many areas in lndonesia, but also the increasing number of people with asthma and lung cancer. ln the big cities, the contribution of motor vehicle exhaust gas as a source o{ air pollution reaches 60-70%. While the contribution of fuel gas from industrial chimneys is only about 10-15%, the remainder coming from other combustion sources, for example from households, waste burning, forest fires, etc. Actually many air pollutants that need to watch, but the World Health Organization (WHO) defined several types of air pollutants that are considered pollutant harmful to human heatth, animals, and easily destroyed property is particulates containing particles and soot, hydrocarbons, sulfur dioxide, and nitrogen cxides. Everything is emitted by motor vehicles. WHO estimates that 70% of urban dwellers in the world ever breathe dirty air as a result of motor vehicle emissions, the remaining look while breathe air that is marginal. While, adults who are at high risk, such as pregnant women, the elderly, and people who have a history of lung disease and chronic respiratory tract.

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