The System of Development and Its Impact For Economy Growth In Deli Serdang Residence

International Journal of Education and Research Vol. 2 No. 9, September 2014 ISSN: 2201-6740 (Online) 2201-6333 (Print)

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From various sectors that exist in an area the livestock sector also gives effect to contribute to the national economy which is a very serious concern in maintining the economics of Indonesia in the future.

The livestock sector in Deli Serdang is a sector which can contribute greatly to the revenue contribution Deli Serdang area and this is very important to keep the government attention.

In addition to contributing to the economic growth is also a concern in the community needs to chicken meat.

The development of the livestock sector in Deli Serdang Regency to experience good growth coupled with the need for the availability of poultry feed which is located in the city of Medan and Deli Serdang.

The rapid growth of of population and the growth rate of the economy people make the farmers in the area are very interested in the deveiopment of the livestock sector because this sector is very promising for the economy and local communities.

Kata Kunci: Livestock Sector, Economic Growth