Jurnal Manajemen Prima, Volume III, Nomor I, Januari 2013, ISSN: 2088-6128

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The purpose of this research is to examine the effectiveness of media in fulfilling the needs of viewers from the contents of media as factors of the internet which can complying with the level Fisipol student’s knowledge of Darma Agung University in Medan. The population in this study were Fisipol students of the University of Darma Agung totaled 301 person, for the sampled that using a Taro Yamane formula established with a precision of 10 % with a confidence level of 90 % to 75 responden. Hypothesis testing to determine the relationship between variables internet and student’s knowledge variables were analyzed using Spearman Rho Coefficient Correlation Formula. The output showed 0,674 is on a scale 0,41 to 0,70 on a scale of Guildford, it means the existence of significant relationship between variables internet and knowledge variables. The values of r=0,674>0, then Ho rejected and Ha accepted means there is a relationship between the internet with the knowledge of students. The factors from the internet that can increase students knowledge is the resource utilization World Wide Web, e-Mail, Search Engine and File Transfers Protocol. Students responses towards the existence of the internet is the World Wide Web provides easy access to the information and knowledge to supoort the activities of clesses, e-Mail facilities the excange of information to friends/lectures, Search Engine provides convinience in a search file/document, File Tranfers Protocol allows for the sharing of information to friends/lecturers.

Kata Kunci: Internet and Student’s Knowledge