International Conference on Computational Science and Information Management (ICoCSIM), Vol. 1 (2012) 130 - 135

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Internet is a phenomenal technology available in 90's. With the introduction of Web 2.0 structure, company start to using internet as a commercial tool to market their product through the globe. Web 3.0 brings social network into reality when people start using FaceBook. And now we are in an era of Web 3,5 where social network company start to sharing their user data between social network to achieve what we call a better user experience for when navigating around the internet. As the internet evolve, a more dangerous topic arise, it is about the security of the web. Everyone, anywhere can surf the web, wether he is in the jungle, in the arctic or in underground basement. We can access internet anywhere with just one condition, we have internet connection. By this means, everyone can try to infiltrate a web to hack a personal data, like credit card number, security card number, personal diary, etc. Therefore, a call to protect our website is a matter of urgent tasks.

Kata Kunci: Web; Security; Reliability