The effect of work stress and training on employee performance at PT. Sumatera Sarana Sekar Sakti Medan

International Conference on International Studies ICIS 2018

Sabtu, 12 Februari 2022 09:59 | Sudah dibaca 301 kali

The object of the research was PT. Sumatera Sarana Sekar Sakti Medan, The selection of the object was due to decreased employee performance. Performance is a result or level of success a person as a whole in a certain period to perform the task compared with the target work set by the company. Stress is a form of pressure in the work caused by a pressure in the work or from supervisors. Training is a form of teaching that is given to employees to improve personal skills and increase employee work. The theories used in the research were those of human resource management related to job stress, training and employee performance. The research used a quantitative approach with the kind of descriptive quantitative research. The data collection was performed by interviews, questionnaires and documentation studies. The research data were analyzed by multiple linear regression, coefficient of determination, simultaneous testing (Test-F) and partial testing (Test-t). The research populations and samples were 136 employees and 30 employees were taken from another branch of the company for validity testing. The results of this study show that organizational culture and work stress simultaneously and partially had a significant effect on employee performance with the value of determination coefficient up to 64.5% and the remaining 35.5% were explained by other independent variables not studied such as discipline, communication and organizational culture. The results of this study show that stress work and training had a positive and significant effect on the performance.

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