The Concept and Use of Once Used Password

International Conference on Computational Science and Information Management (ICoCSIM), Vol. 1 (2012)

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Password is the most crucial thing in digital account, like internet banking, social network, online shopping, students account, etc. There are many tips to create the strong password, like use the lengthy one, make password so complex and variety, or just use different password for every account without same pattern. Even the strongest password can’t deceive key logger program. With key logger, hacker can get someone password even they don’t use keyboard to type their password because they can capture every click they make at that computer. The simple way to protect this threat is use the password that only can be used once. We can’t protect our password from key logger but with this method we can let our useless password slip to their hand.

Kata Kunci: password; digital account; key logger; once used password