Jurnal Ilmu Hukum Prima, Volume 1, No 1, Sept 2011

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Inside the Law No. 8 of 1981 on the law Kitan Criminal Code was not found or understanding Visum term Et Repertum, but that can be found is that what the experts stated in court that an expert either in writing or verbally report form submitted directly in court, where the expert testimony given in this report have been included in Visum Et Repertum. Departing from this phenomenon, authors are interested to study more about the role of visum et repertum maltreatment resulting in death. The study authors used in this thesis, an empirical study and discussed the problem of how maltreatment led to the death of the victim, how the role of Et Visum Repertum as evidence in criminal abuse resulting in death, you know how Visum Et Repertum explain the causes of the action maltreatment resulting in death. Role visum et repertum the maltreatment that causes death by a judge in court, is a criminal file, whether or not there Visum Et Repertum, the case in question should always be checked and removed. Completeness Visum Et Repertum defendants in the case files examined by the judge, submitted to the public prosecutor who initiated the case file submitted to it by the Investigator Pro Yustisia prosecution is trying to prove in court that the judges believe about proven error.

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