Rancangan Sistem Pelatihan untuk Meningkatkan Kinerja SDM di PT. XYZ Deli Serdang

Jurnal Ilmiah Sains dan Teknologi

Jum'at, 15 September 2017 19:09 | Sudah dibaca 871 kali

Human resources performance can be increased through the activities of counseling; that is, a process which teaches knowledge, skills, and attitude in order that employees are increasingly skillful and able to take responsibility properly, according to the work standard. The increase of human resources performance is very important for PT XYZ which produces mineral water and soft drink in containers to be marketed in the North part of Sumatera. PT XYZ had some problems with human resources performance which tended to decrease so that this study was conducted in order to know the variables which influenced the human resources performance. The result of the correlation analysis showed that, simultaneously and partially, the variable of knowledge (r = 0.428), skills (r = 0.760), and attitude (r = 0.451) had significant correlation with human resources performance. The result of the descriptive analysis was used as the input in determining the need for training. Based on the result of the correlation and descriptive analyses, it was found that the design of training system could be used to increase the variables of knowledge, skills, and attitude. The training designs of maintenance, individual and team achieve goals, analytical and creative thinking for problem solving, coaching, leadership, and continuous improvement were expected to be able to cope with the factors which influenced the decrease in the human resources performance.

Kata Kunci: Human Resource Performance, Competence dan Training System Design