Jurnal Ilmu Hukum Prima, Vol 8. No. 1, Januari 2016, ISSN: 2088-5288

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Banking is one of the institutions that perform the function of intermediation where banks raise funds from the public and distribute it to the public via the credit channel. The community has two different positions, namely as a creditor and debtor. Society are said as debtors when they deposit funds in a bank in the form of savings and deposits, while the position as creditors when they borrow funds from the bank. In the interaction that occurs between the customer and the bank, there are often dispute. Protection to bank customers should be important in the banking industry. Therefore, Bank Indonesia issued a regulation governing the settlement of customer complaints and Mediation Banking to protect the interests of the customer and the bank. Regulation of the banking dispute resolution is contained in the Bank Indonesia Regulation Number 5/8/PBI/2006 as amended to Bank Indonesia Regulation No. 10/1/PBI/2008 on banking mediation. This is a follow-up regulation of consumer protection laws and related to the work plan set out in the Bank Indonesia Bank Indonesia plan which is the 6th pillar of the customer protection. Banking Mediation is a medium or forum provided by Bank Indonesia to resolve the dispute with the bank with charges a nominal value of 500 million Rupiahs. PT. Bank Mestika Dharma, Tbk does not have a policy governing the banking mediation. But Bank Mestika has a unit which is responsible for the completion of the unit handling customer complaints and resolving customer complaints.

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