CuMnOS Nanoflowers with Different Cu+/Cu2+ Ratios for the CO2-to-CH3OH and the CH3OH-to-H2 Redox Reactions

Scientific Reports

Jum'at, 11 Mei 2018 15:37 | Sudah dibaca 798 kali

A conservative CO2-Methanol (CH3OH) regeneration cycle, to capture and reutilize the greenhouse gas of CO2 by aqueous hydrogenation for industry-useful CH3OH and to convert aqueous CH3OH solution by dehydrogenation for the clean energy of hydrogen (H2), is demonstrated at normal temperatur and pressure (NTP) with two kinds od CuMnOS nanoflower catalysts. The [Cu+]-high CuMnOS led to a CH3OH yield of 21.1 mmol.g-1catal.h-1 in the CuMnOS-CO2-H2O system and the other [Cu+]-low one had a H2 yield of 7.65 mmol.g-1catal.h-1 in the CuMnOS-CH3OH-H2O system. The successful redox reactions at NTP rely on active lattice oxygen of CuMnOS catalysts and its charge (hole or electron) transfer ability between Cu+ and Cu2+. The CO2-hydrogenated CH3OH in aqueous solution is not only a fuel but also and ideal liqued hydrogen storage system for transportation application.

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