Photocatalytic performance of the SiO2 spehere/n-type TiO2/p-type CuBiS2 composite catalysts coated with different contents of Ag nanoparticles under ultraviolet and visible light irradiations

Applied Physics A Material Science & Processing (2016) 122:739

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Photocatalytic performance of the SiO2 sphere/n-type TiO2/p-type CuBiS2 composite catalysts with different contents of silver nanoparticles (abbreviated as SiO2 /n-type TiO2/p-type CuBiS2/Ag) toward the photodegradation of Acid Black 1 (AB 1) dye under ultraviolet (UV) and visible light was investigated. The composite catalyst spheres were analyzed their crystal structure, microstructure, optical absorbance capabilities, and photodegradation capabilities of AB 1 dye.The best photodegradation performances of the 20 mg composite powder with only ~ 5 mg photoactive catalysts showed the degradation of AB 1 dye in 5 min under UV and 60 min under visible light irradiations. The concept of composite catalyst with numerous nano p-n diodes and its photodegradation mechanism were proposed.

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