Application of Steganography Technic For Data Safety

International Conference on Computational Science and Information Management (ICoCSIM) 2012, ISBN. 978-967-0120-60-7

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Computer developments and other digital supporting devices have made digital data used more and more. I order hand, the develoments have brought about problem deals with copy right and digital material ownership. The hidden message technique (steganografy) is a technique that allows the users to hide a message in another message. By the technique, copy right information such as author identity, time and etc can be attached/hidden into some variations of big document like: picture, audio, video text or binary file. This research talks about steganografy which denotes a technique that attaches/hiddes data while the message that will be attached in used file will be encrypted using algorithm RC4.

Kata Kunci: Hidden message, steganografy, RC4