Analisa Sistem Proteksi Jaringan LAN Untuk Pengiriman Data Dengan Menggunakan Model Jaringan Client Server

JURIDIKTI, Vol. 7 No.2, Agustus 2014, ISSN LIPI: 1979-9640

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Computer technology become a mandatory requirement this era, where people, covering various aspects of the field work, no longer work manually in terms of data delivery as well as delivery of information, because the existence of the computer network system, the work done will be easier, faster and efficient. The computer network is a group of computers, printers and other equipment to support each other and connected to each other. Information moves data transmission via cable or wireless system allowing network users to exchange documents and data and print on the same printer and together using hardware / software that are connected to the network. A network typically consists of two or more interconnected computers amongst each other, and share resources such as printers, exchange files, or allow it to communicate with each other electronically. The computers are connected, it is possible with the media cables, telephone lines, radio waves, satellites, or infrared rays. The system required network Peer to Peer networks based on a network that connects the computers where each computer can act as a client and server, and network systems Client Server-based network is a network that is connected to the computer where the computer acts as a server while the other acts as a client computer.

Kata Kunci: Hardware, Software, LAN, Peer to Peer, Client Server