Jurnal Kesmas Prima Indonesia, Vol.6, No. 1 Juli 2018, ISSN2355-164X

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Scabies is a contagious skin infectious disease caused by female mites sarcoptes scabiei variate hominis which are included in the Arachnida class. This disease is highest in tropical countries which are endemic to Scabies. The prevalence of scabies around the world is reported to be around 300 million cases per year. This study aims to determine the relationship of availability of water, temperature, humidity, ventilation with the occurrence of Scabies in Ar-Raudhatul Hasanah Islamic Boarding School. This type of research is analytic with Cross Sectional design where the independent variables and dependent variables are examined directly at the same time. The population in the study were Santri which numbered 3432 santri and the samples taken were 97 santri. The method of bivariate data analysis uses a chi-square test to determine whether there is a significant influence between the availability of water, temperature, humidity, and ventilation with the occurrence of Scabies. Multivariate results carried out using logistic regression research showed that where the value of p-value <0.1 was obtained from the lowest p-value, namely the variable humidity, with the highest Exp (B) value of 6.667. It means that it can be concluded that the above variables, it can be seen that the humidity variable is the most dominant effect on the occurrence of Scabies. It is recommended that the caregivers who are in the Ar-Raudhatul Hasanah Islamic Boarding School be given knowledge to the santri about Scabies.

Kata Kunci: Water availability, temperature, humidity, ventilation with occurrence of scabies