Fetal heart detection based wide area network technology with wireless sensor transmission

Prosiding Journal of Physics: Conference Series MECNIT 2018

Rabu, 18 Maret 2020 08:46 | Sudah dibaca 667 kali

Fetal heart detection technology, especially in remote areas, has so far been manual and lacks facilities for monitoring fetal safety. This results in many pregnant women at risk of labor, so early detection of fetal heart conditions becomes important. Development of fetal heart detector technology based on wide area network technology that is able to provide realtime monitoring results and is connected to the proposed wireless sensor network transmission. Its integration with smartphones makes it easy to use in rural and remote areas. The design of this monitoring system called detector of fetal abnormalities technology has the advantage of sending medical data for pregnant women and fetal heart conditions to families and to health care centers for pregnant women in large cities or obstetricians. Visualization of data in image, graphic and text, can be used as a digital-based maternal and fetal health detector tool. In the initial trial, fetal heart rate data from 4 pregnant subject were evaluated and obtained results with an average curation of 94%.

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