In silico Anti-Preeclampsia Potential of Phytochemical Found in Ficus elastica

Pharmacognosy Research

Rabu, 18 Maret 2020 09:40 | Sudah dibaca 577 kali

Context: Preeclampsia (PE) is a disorder found in pregnant women characterized by high blood pressure and high protein content in urine. Delivery of the baby and placenta is the most recommended treatment in PE, but treating its symptoms (hypertension) has also been recommended. Aims: This study is intended to assess the major compounds found in Ficus elastica leaf as anti‑PE using an in silico approach. Settings and Design: All in silico analysis was performed under default settings. Subjects and Methods: Antioxidant and anti‑inflammatory probability values of the five compounds in F. elastica leaf are predicted using quantitative structure–activity relationship. The possible binding mode of the compounds is predicted using molecular docking. Results: Based on the structural properties, compounds found in F. elastica leaf have a high probability activity as an antioxidant and anti‑inflammatory. The compounds found in F. elastica, especially morin, have the highest binding affinity toward beta‑adrenergic receptor 2 (ADRB2) with similar intermolecular interaction with its known inhibitor. Conclusions: The compounds found in F. elastica may be beneficial for treating PE through its possible antioxidant and anti‑inflammatory properties and inhibition of ADRB2

Kata Kunci: Ficus elastica, hypertension, molecular docking simulation, preeclampsia, quantitative structure–activity relationship